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Website is local info for kiteboarding in Kansas, primarily for newbies and/or tire kickers thinking of getting into kiting.  This site does not replace personal instruction, but can assist to prepare if trying to self learn.  Learning to kiteboard can and is overwhelming for the first time.  Take your time and browse thru all the topics and videos for specific information.  Posted is all honest and straight forward info, primarily within our local region of kiting with comparisons to coastal (ocean) kiting, with no marketing junk to trick you that how easy kiting is.  Getting into this extreme sport is not as easy as learning to snowski down a hill or get up on a wakeboard, even if you have previous board skills like: snowboard, skateboard, mountain board, windsurf, wakeboard, surf, etc.  Without proper knowledge and experience of flying and controlling a power kite, and safety gear, kiting can and possibly will seriously injure or kill.  However with proper training and learning, kiteboarding is extremely fun and exhilarating.  It takes some time to learn all that is needed to properly kiteboard and takes patience and can be frustrating.  Lessons is encouraged to learn about safety and how to properly get into kiting and can improve your learning curve/time.  If lessons is not available and you are determined to get into this awesome sport, this website can help point you in the right direction.  The one main thing to do is just join us at the lake, whenever the wind blows regardless the time of the week or month of the year.  If the wind is blowing, someone is at Cheney lake kiteboarding.  Right off I'll let you know, you won't get up and ride a board the first day.  Maybe not the 2nd day or 3rd or 4th, or maybe not even a week or 2 (or some even a month or 2), unless you know how to properly control a depowerable kite.

Everyone always asks the same question.  Where or how do you get started into kiting (safely)?  #1 is get a trainer kite and go fly fly fly every chance you have.  More info under 'trainer kite' and learning stages topics.  This is what we call TOWTime On the Water.  The more time you spend with the kite, the more experience you will get regardless if it's lite wind, or gale force winds.  Kiteboarding session time on the water varies, from half hour to 2, or 3hrs at a time.  Because the kite is hooked into a harness, you don't work your arms like do with wakeboarding.  It's more about balance and leverage.  Once you get into the sport there are several different styles of kiteboarding (it's more then just a kite and a board).  There is free riding/wakestyle (tricks), remove fins off twin tip boards and park riding wakestyle (rails, kickers, tables, etc), wave riding with surfboards (which we do here at cheney when the wind blows 40mph+ that kicks rolling waves upto 5+feet), course racing (what is to be in the next olympics), sailboarding (big board/big kite/lite winds), skimboarding (strapless on skimboard), landboarding (large mountain board with tires), and snowkiting (snowboard in winter).  Besides info on here, suggest also digging online and youtube watch and research as much as possible before getting out there and flying kite.








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