KS kiteboard info

Local Weather (wind) information

Cheney lake is ranked in the top 10 windiest sailing lakes in the nation.  Which allows kiting year round possible.  Below are few local links to wind/weather forecasting that we check religiously.  We watch and read forecasting for Wichita, Hutchinson, and Kingman areas to get a triangulated figure of what the wind is doing.

Wind average is usually around 20mph range.  Spring and fall winds can kick upto 40 to 50mph+.  Wind here on the plains is different then that of ocean winds, which makes it difficult to progress and learning is tad slower here due to gusty on/off/on/off wind conditions.  Ocean winds are more steady and constant, and here on the plains with trees, buildings, and hills the wind is more 'dirty' and rolls the wind that causes very gusty conditions.  Why learning in coastal areas is easier then here, but many have learned here. 

CAUTION: Wind gust lines here are typically 10-15mph+ above wind average.

 Below is weather links/apps to assist finding local wind/weather conditions.

NOAA   national weather link, is dropped on Cheney lake

WindAlert (Kingman air port) app

Wichita airport

NSA  Live wind data from Ninnescha Saling Association jetty