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Trainer kite (Where to begin)

How do you get started into kiting?  You do not want to just jump right into a 4 line depowerable kite.  You need to know how to control it first and get the feeling of what the power of the wind feels like.  To do this you need get a 'trainer kite'.  Trainer is a 2 line foil kite, and suggest 3m in size.  This is the 1st step (1st stage of learning to kite). 

Getting an expensive 'new' trainer is not necessary (can range in $300).  Nor worry about getting some hyped up marketing trainer that their foil claims to relaunch on water.  Suggest getting a used trainer for cheap, because after few weeks flying a trainer, and then getting geared up to start into depowerable kites, you won't be using the trainer anymore (sell it to help buy your gear needed).  Typically can find 3m or 3.5m trainers either locally from other kiters just getting into depower kites, or get them on ebay for around $100.  Trainers come with kite, bar, lines, and bag all ready to learn. 

Trainer kites do not use a harness.  Personally I like the 3rd line trainer kites (as shown below).  These are HQ rush 2line trainer foil kites with 3rd (center) line that attaches to the trailing side of the kite.  2 reasons.  1st is the safety that flags out the kite safely (wrist strap).  Let go of the bar, the center line pulls on the backside of the kite and it dies.  2nd reason is you can reverse launch pulling on the 3rd line if/when you crash the kite.  Normally after you crash your kite (tomahawk) you would run to your kite, flip it over, then relaunch it.  When first learning to fly a trainer kite you will be tomahawking your kite over and over and over.  So just pulling on the 3rd line saves alot of running to your kite to flip it over.  See video below.

Caution: When 1st flying a trainer kite, highly encouraged to wear safety gear.  Which includes gloves, helmet, and knee and elbow pads. 

If you don't, you will wish you did when trying to heal up from injury.

What to do with trainer kite? (1st stage of learning to kite)

You have your trainer kite and know how to fly it, but you are not ready to go into a 4line kite yet.  There is more to it then just flying it.  To prepare you for a 4line depower kite there are techniques with a trainer kite that you need to work on that will crossover to a depower kite that will assist in your muscle memory.  These are what kite schools & instructors should go over in detail....understanding the wind window, self launch/land kite, kite looping, figure 8s (power strokes), body drag positioning, water start practicing, flying with one hand, walking/running with the kite, parking the kite, and yes you can ride a landboard or buggy with a trainer kite.  Each of these techniques will help you out when getting into 4line depower kites.  Below are a few videos going over this information. 

Notice:  All these video examples are on an ocean beach with nice constant wind.  Forewarned you will be playing in gusty winds here, so it'll get kinda tricky flying a foil trainer at times.  Another helpful tip is we use small sand bags to hold down our kites.  Can be anything to hold sand.  Example: I found that couple zip lock bags with sand, wrapped in duct tape works.  Small enough they store easily in a trainer kite bag......Have fun.